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    Shangnong W-D model of aquaculture water quality analyzer
    〖 12/06,2013 | onclick 1342 〗
    The analyzer has the following advantages:

    1) convenient, easy to understand and approachable;
    2) rapid quantitative detection of eight water (ammonia, nitrite, dissolved oxygen, PH, sulfides, phosphates, chlorine, copper) basic indicators, accurate numerical display;
    3) for a variety of sea and fresh water samples taken;
    4) USB interface to connect a computer, simple data analysis and management.

    Instrument Precautions

    1 instrument charging, direct charging as much as possible on the power to avoid the computer USB port to charge
    2 machines use low power, boot errors may occur, then it should be promptly charged, the best charge a night. Should after charging is completed, the boot error still appears, press the Reset button on the side of the machine, reset the equipment.
    3 After the instrument after use, remember cuvette out to avoid water damage to the instrument.
    4 the measurement, the orientation of the cuvette than consistent, each measurement in order to ensure repeatability and accuracy. Can cuvette with a positive sign of a triangular face surveyor measured. Remember to touch the cuvette mug, If dirty colorimetric Bei Bei body, can be used to gently wipe the web. 

    Measurement Considerations

    1, dissolved oxygen
    1). Washed with water tested 'dissolved oxygen tube' (not cuvette) two times, and then the measured amount of water was added to a distance of about 4 mm from the nozzle (approximately two coin thickness). Has 5 drops trickle 'DO reagents ①' and 5 drops of 'DO reagents ②', the amount immediately 拕 tight lid and upside down 'the amount of pipe' several times to color evenly, then press the Enter key analyzer system start the countdown to the next step of 3 minutes.
    2) At the end of the countdown, open the 'amount of pipe' trickle 5 drops 'DO reagents ③'. The amount of pipe cover tightly, and upside down 'volume tube' several times, so that the turbidity tube is completely dissolved, the solution is clear brew volume tube, if not completely dissolved, then drops 1-2 drops 'DO reagents ③'. Note: If there are microbes and algae granular objects re-filtered water samples measured again.
    1) Sampling should be deep water body, surface dissolved oxygen and middle oxygen varies greatly. Go to sample water from the beaker in the amount of pipe, the same water from the bottom with a dropper, to avoid value bias.
    2) Use a straw water, squeeze the plastic ball first light, the air inside out, go to sampling, the sampling is completed, when the injection volume tube, pipette tip inside the tube as far as possible the amount of depth, action should be gentle, remember force, avoid into bubbles affect the measurement results.
    3) 3 after adding reagents, reaction time, if the floc persists, then drip a drop of reagent 3, if there are floc is then dropped into a drop of reagent 3, strain water clarification.

    2, Nitrite
    1) with the measured water cuvette washed twice, and then water was added to the test cuvette than the scale line on (4mL), the cuvette is inserted into the analyzer at the bottom of the slot, and screw the lid on the blackout.
    2) Select the analyzer menu "Test selection" "nitrite", press the Enter key; press the Enter key to select the "General"; press the Enter key to make water samples tested.
    3) Open the cover, remove the cuvette, add 3 tablespoons 'nitrite reagent (powder)', covered cuvette cover (not the light-shielding cover), shake the cuvette until completely dissolved powder.
    4) Remove the cuvette lid, insert the analyzer cuvette bottom slot, screw on the light-shielding cover, press the Enter key, wait for the countdown to 4.5 minutes, 'drop! Drop! Drop! After the 'beep three times, the screen automatically displays the measurement results.

    Nitrite reagents are powders, deliquescent, in use, blocking occurs, the instrument comes with a teaspoon crushed white resampled;
    Powder samples rather more not less, each of sample, at least take a flat spoon or more.

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