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    Effects of ammonia and nitrite on aquaculture
    〖 12/20,2013 | onclick 1349 〗
    With increasing levels of farming, breeding densities continue to increase, on the pond is also increasing investment, strengthening water eutrophication, especially the higher aquatic crabs and other high protein content of the feed ration, (protein content is generally 40 - 60%), due to the higher protein content of stool produced by the load most of the water body reaches or exceeds the saturation level, the role of the conventional microbial decomposition of large quantities of organic carbon, and organic nitrogen scraps too much, especially in conditions of oxygen deficiency, excess nitrogen is readily converted to nitrite and ammonia, to fish and other aquatic caused a toxic environment. 

    After the ammonia or nitrite poisoning, the ability to carry oxygen in the blood decreased. That is to say, not low dissolved oxygen in the water, but only after reducing the oxygen carrying capacity of blood, farming is relatively easy to form an object similar to hypoxia symptoms. Such as shrimp, often in the bottom of death, death then no obvious symptoms, which we collectively the "drop star", "dead end syndrome", "take the end." Especially in the shelling, a large number of shrimp due to the "hypoxia" Shelling fail and cause death. If lifting material platform, or the shrimp from the water or concentrate, white shrimp will soon die. Ammonia, nitrite poisoning symptoms shrimp looks black gills, yellow gills, liver and pancreas blurred clarity, crustacean red pigment increases; After dissecting microscope, gill swelling filled with water, and even erosion sticky dirt, intestinal congestion and inflammation of the liver or pancreas cavitation erosion. 

    Higher demands on water quality in aquaculture, tender, cool, live is a basic requirement Yuxia aquaculture water quality throughout the breeding cycle, disinfection, fertilizer, water, water transfer is essential for several aspects. Bacillus subtilis is one of the earliest applications of probiotics in aquaculture water purification, and its purifying effect on water quality significantly, but for control of ammonia and nitrite and other toxic substances in the water body has limitations, the development of complex Wuxi Italy "nitrous g" probiotics, choose a variety of species by scientific ratio combination, not only has water features, while in the shortest possible time will be the original water ammonia, nitrite consumed, but also can quickly consume ammonia and nitrite oxidation due to microbial metabolism continue to produce, thus avoiding the water exceeded the ammonia and nitrite, stable water factors indicators provide a good living environment for aquaculture animals. 

    Administration Italy "nitrous g" should note the following: 
    1) applies to aquaculture late, even if the water quality is strong, the product of denitrifying bacteria can also play a role in the rapid degradation of water surplus ammonia and nitrite. 
    2) If the pond nitrite concentration is high, but the water body lean, you should use with liquid fertilizer "nitrous grams," water planktonic algae began to flourish, ammonia and nitrite in water consumption is appropriate, when it aqua culture inside, usually in the pond ammonia and nitrite also reduced the safe range, no longer need special treatment. 
    3) At present, there are many ponds drug abuse problems, leading to the pond excessive heavy metal ions, such as copper sulfate or zinc sulfate abuse, resulting in copper and zinc ion concentration of aquaculture animals cause greater harm, then it should with EDTA chelation class water purification products, first lifting heavy metal toxicity, then apply the "nitrous g" and other probiotics to control excessive ammonia and nitrite. 
    4) Try to stagger the time of administration of oxygen and nitrous agent grams. Currently the market is mainly used oxygenates over calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide or ozone, etc., put the water to increase oxygen atom by releasing oxygen, but these oxidants have some role in the killing of microorganisms, while using it, not conducive to "nitrous g" products of microbial colonization and successfully reproduce in water bodies. 

    Ammonia and nitrite are widely present in the water of a substance is one product of the nitrogen cycle of water, to the complete absence of water is impossible, but in the breeding process to strictly control their concentration, using Shangnong An aquaculture can be proud of the water quality analyzer can accurately detect ammonia and nitrite in water, to keep abreast of water quality indicators, full control of water quality. 

    However, prevention is still the most lethal aquaculture weapons, so in the daily management to do the following: 
    1) completely clear pond, disinfection, to avoid accumulation of organic matter; 
    2) the amount of feeding; 
    3) in the breeding process often used lime to regulate water quality, water body to maintain a slightly alkaline state; 
    4) a reasonable selection of special fertilizer for aquaculture; 
    5) the scientific use of nitrifying bacteria, denitrifying bacteria, Bacillus, photosynthetic bacteria and other beneficial microbial agents to regulate water quality.
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