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    Hydrogen sulfide hazards and coping
    〖 12/20,2013 | onclick 1419 〗
    Hydrogen sulfide is deposited by a pond sulfate, bait and manure, bio corpses in decomposition by bacteria under anaerobic conditions to the conversion . Hydrogen sulfide is easily absorbed shrimp gill surface and the surface, combined with the shrimp body's sodium ions to form sodium sulfide has a strong toxic effects , but also interferes with normal breathing shrimp , causing suffocation. Hydrogen sulfide accumulated to a certain extent , sediment pollution causes darkening Department, emit foul odors. Will affect the growth of low concentrations of shrimp , shrimp too high causes of death .

    China's " water quality standards " standard only requires sulfur content should not exceed 0.2mg / L, and toxic hydrogen sulfide sulfide molecular largest molecular hydrogen sulfide should be controlled at 0.03mg / L or less , molecular hydrogen sulfide the content is closely related to pH and temperature, should pay attention to the translation of molecular hydrogen sulfide and sulfur content .

    Aquaculture excessive hydrogen sulfide may take the following measures: the amount of water changes , more open aerator , if the pH is below 7.3 , with lime to adjust the pH to reduce the toxicity of hydrogen sulfide in the water prior to using the best confirmation of ammonia is not high, + zeolite powder can be taken "Italian super bacteria" are administered together .
    The content of hydrogen sulfide in the pond can not rely on visual inspection to determine changes in water color , you can use still proud to Ann aquaculture farming water quality analyzer for precise measurement .
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