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  • Products
    Potassium monopersulfate compound
    Product Name: Potassium monopersulfate compound
    Package: 20kg/ bag

    Products Description:

    Super broad spectrum---Be effective to virus,germ, mycoplasma, fungus, enzyme.
    High level disinfection---This product continuous produce hypochlorous acid, fresh oxygen, oxidation and chlorination by chain reaction in water.
    Easy to use---Spray, drinking water, cleaning, disinfection, shower, water bath and water sterilize,mixture feed,with counting cup.
    Super secure---Non irritating, corrosive, the safety of environment, food, water, physiolysis
    Surfactivity---Biofilm is the influence factors of disinfectant effect,and surface active agent can quickly destroy biofilms, killing pathogenic microorganism fast and direct.
    Rapidly effective--- Killing all contiguous pathogenic microbe fast in 5 minutes.
    Super stable---Dilution is still valid in 14 days.

    Product Ppecification

    Granule Character Powder Character
      5%   Red granule   99%   White powder
      15%   Red granule   50%   Pink powder
      30%   Red granule   30%   Red powder
      50%   Red granule    
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