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    Compound probiotic for healthy aquaculture (Nutri-Aqua)
    Product Name: Compound probiotic for healthy aquaculture (Nutri-Aqua)
    Package: 20kg/bag

    Products Description:

    Over two billion viable organisms of several different beneficial strains

    Fish, Shrimp, Crab, Soft-shelled turtle, Eel, Turtle, Seashell and other aquatic animals

    It is a new type of compound probiotics, made from many kinds of probiotics, through several complicated production process of high-density and deep-seated fermentation, vacuum freeze drying and coating, etc.., without no drug resistance, no residue, no side effect.

    Appearance:   Light yellow or white powder.
    Active ingredients: Yeast, Bacillus natto, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus acidophilus, amino acid, small peptide, multivitamin.
    Total plate count  ≥2×1010cfu/g

    1. Provide nutrients for the growth of algae
    2. To ensure the water is in the best state
    3. Improve organism immunity and achieve the aim of preventing diseases
    4. kill harmful bacteria, reduce all kinds of diseases, protect beneficial bacteria to reproduce quickly
    5. Cultivate good food for aquatic animals and reduce production costs.
    6. Composite strains of lactic acid bacteria and yeast, produce acid in metabolic process, so it can balance pH value and maintain good water quality.
    7. Increase conversion rate. Bacillus subtilis can excrete several kinds of enzyme, so it can promote the decomposition and utilize of cellulose in feed, and increase the utilization rate of feed.

    Direction of Use and Dosage:
    Throw it in water directly or perfuse it over the pond:
    Help cultivate algae: 300-500g/1000m2•m, one time per 10-15 days.
    Improve water quality: 500-800g/1000m2•m, increase dosage when water is too turbid.
    Hypoxia and anorexia of aquatic animals: 300g/1000m2•m

    1. No using this product together with antibiotic.
    2. After using antibiotic, supplementing this product can improve quickly and keep the balance of the bacterial group in intestine and pond.
    3. Better not to use together with other types of water improver.
    4. The effectiveness will be affected, if using too much each time. Use several times to increase the effectiveness.

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