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    Multifunctional Probiotic for Water Cleaning
    Product Name: Multifunctional Probiotic for Water Cleaning
    Package: 20kg/bag

    Products Description:

    Over two billion viable organisms of several different beneficial strains

    Fish, Shrimp, Crab, Soft-shelled turtle, Eel, Turtle, Seashell and other aquatic animals

    It is a new type of compound probiotics, which was developed by our specialists, and produced through a special complicated technology of filtrating, purifying, rejuvenating and culturing. It has good characteristics of wide-moisture, wide-salty, wide-PH value, so it can be used widely in various aquatic animals and has a strong capacity of purification. It is a very good water treatment product without no drug resistance, no residue, no side effect.

    Appearance:   Light yellow or white powder.
    Active ingredients: Bacillus cereus, Streptococcus faecalis, Thiobacillus, Bacillus subtilis, Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Total plate count  ≥2×1010cfu/g

    1. Establish the micro-ecology balance of probiotics – The long-term use of antibiotic will cause the imbalance of micro-ecology of water and inside animal body. This product can re-build the micro-ecology balance of probiotics, improve the micro-ecology environment of intestine and the pond.
    2. Improve water quality – Through the recycle use of living organism, it can decompose and decrease ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and sulfureted hydrogen in water, avoid toxicosis of fish, shrimp and crab, and make the pond full of livingness. It is also effective to decompose the dejecta of aquatic animals, residual feed and organic waste, thus further improving water quality, keep water color stable and eliminate the odor of water.
    3. Decompose dejecta, remained feed and other organic waste, decrease ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and sulfureted hydroge, clarify water quality, and increase energy of aquatic animals.
    4. Restrain the reproduction of poisonous alga and pathogenic microorganism, stabilize the color of water, and prevent disease.
    5. Promote the reproduction of beneficial microorganism, promote growth and increase survival rate.
    6. Clarify water quality, improve feeding environment, reduce disease, relieve the problems as a result of inconvenient changing water and bad ventilation, and save cost.

    Direction of Use and Dosage:
    Throw it in water directly or perfuse it over the pond:
    The recommended quantity is 350-500g/1000m2•m,increase dosage when water is too turbid.
    Hypoxia and anorexia of aquatic animals: 300g/1000m2•m
    The effect will be better to do like this way: add proper water and 300g brown sugar. Then, use it after 2-3 hours.

    This product can not be used together with antibiotics. After using disinfectant, please use this product after 4-5 days later.
    Increase using quantity (double) and times (one time per 3-5 days), when water is degenerating.
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