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    Bacillus subtilis
    Product Name: Bacillus subtilis
    Package: 20kg/bag

    Products Description:

    This product adopts the most advanced production technology, selection of high quality strains, has many characteristics, such as acid, salt tolerance, resistance to high temperature, can rapidly proliferate in the intestinal tract, increase the content of short chain fatty acid, reduce intestinal PH and the content of ammonia, and the transformation of a super ability, etc.

    Main ingredients:Bacillus subtilis

    Product features:
    1, this product is from purified cultured from nature dominated by bacillus bacteria compound microbial preparation, active microbial dormant, stable and easy to save, and resistant to high temperature and high pressure in the process of production, feed to keep good stability and biological activity
    2, engraftment in intestinal recently, to develop into a nutrient cells metabolism, promote proliferation of beneficial bacteria, constitute the intestinal biological barrier, prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and engraftment.
    3, the breeding process can secrete large amounts of protease and amylase, added the body of endogenous enzymes, the degradation of feed and absorption rate, promote digest.
    4, this product can play a role of immune stimulation to promote and improve the non-specific immune function of farmed animals.

    Product content:Effective number of living bacterium≥1010 cfu/g

    Usage and dosage:Per kilogram of feed add 0.2 to 0.5 g
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