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  • Products
    Product Name: Nitrifying
    10 billion/g living bacterium content
    Package: 20 kg/bag

    Products Description:

    Wuxi Supernatural nitrifying bacteria enrichment bacteria powder, is the use of special high density liquid fermentation and freeze drying technology in the production of a kind of purification of probiotics, nitrification ability strong purification by nitrifying bacteria producing nitrifying bacteria and special carrier of dilution of the product.Strains denitrification ability is strong, can with the nitrate nitrogen and nitrate as nitrogen source, simple activation, reproduce rapidly, the effect significantly, can work 24 hours a day.Aiming at the condition of the aquaculture water nitrite on the high side effects;For algae overgrowth of water to a large number of consumption of nitrogen nutrition, to cut off the algae of nitrogen nutrition, maintain good water;Strains in dissolved oxygen sufficient and anaerobic conditions can survive and denitrification reaction in order to optimize the means of physical and chemical environment.

    Role function:
    1, high efficient degradation of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, fundamentally solve the ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and heavy metal ions to the harm of breeding objects and of aquaculture water body pollution, increase the dissolved oxygen and keep water clean.
    2, fundamentally solve the prawns caused by hypoxia syndrome "at the bottom, steal death" disease, relieve farmed animals ammonia poisoning symptoms.
    33, rapid decomposition of the small molecule organic matter mineralization of organic matter and minerals, can promote the growth of the algae and protozoans, etc to provide sufficient living bait and fish and shrimp and a suitable living environment;
    4, and continue to degrade nitrite, 48 hours, 72 hours of breeding to peak, high concentrations of degradation effect is more than a week, make the aquatic animal feed intake increased significantly;
    5, convert nitrite to nitrogen source effectively, for algae absorption;Balance of bacteria and algae, and promote the photosynthesis, stable water.
    This product don't have to be activated, with right amount after the water dilute, quickly all splashing pool.

    Usage and dosage:
    0.02 grams per cubic metre;
    Nitrite is particularly high,0.04 grams per cubic meter available。

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