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    Brevibacillus laterosporus
    Product Name: Brevibacillus laterosporus
    Package: 20 kg/bag

    Products Description:

    Dissolve algae bacteria spore bacillus, also known as side can secrete extracellular material, special tag algae cells directly, while absorption and transformation of aquaculture water ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, indirectly increase the dissolved oxygen in water body, promote the growth of aquatic animals;This product is easy to absorb, and can stimulate phytoplankton microscopic biological activity, promote good aquaculture water algae facies formation, produce water quickly, thus suppressing harmful algae effect.

    ShangNong dissolve algae bacteria concentration index, using the submerged fermentation technology of fermentation, and effect of high concentration, living bacterium content of up to 1010 gfu per gram.

    Product function:
    1, the strains of cyanobacteria cells characteristic research and development of new water quality improver, the algae as the energy source, break it down for water absorption factor, to clear water body cyanobacteria (microcystin algae, oscillatoria (blue alga fiber), beads algae, spirulina, fishy algae, etc.), the purpose of promote other beneficial algae growth.
    2, this product only work on algae, the other had no effect on algae.

    Usage and dosage:
    Splashing will be diluted with water, evenly;Can also be the tuyere blue-green algae accumulation place local splashing.This product is in use 24-72 hours after the best results.
    1, aquaculture, regular usage: use the product water depth of 1 meter per acre 20 ~ 30 g.
    2, blue-green algae: when the water depth of 1 meter per acre used 30 ~ 50 g.

    1, suggest active prevention, in cyanobacteria outbreak before using this product, the period of validity of 20 days or more.
    2, do not put along with disinfectant, pesticides or other algicide used at the same time.
    3, it is strictly prohibited in aquatic animal disease, death, poisoning, the use of oxygen, cyanobacteria disappear please pay attention to during the process of increasing oxygen, so as not to cause the water of oxygen.

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