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    Photosynthetic bacteria
    Product Name: Photosynthetic bacteria
    Package: 20 kg/bag

    Products Description:

    This product is a new generation of composite super concentrated photosynthetic bacteria, are made from the latest technology of the high quality probiotics.This product contains a variety of beneficial microbial strains, the purification of water has a strong force, the product into water quickly activated, after producing, fission reproduction in water to form a large number of useful advantage bacterium group, improvement of water effect is fast, purifying water quality, degradation of ammonia nitrogen, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, promote healthy fish growth.

    Main ingredients:Photosynthetic bacteria

    Product features:
    1, the characteristics of oxide, nitride, nitrification, denitrification, phosphate-solubilizing, vulcanization and nitrogen fixation;
    2, can effectively reduce the nitrite poisoning reaction;
    3, rapid decomposition pond bottom mud pollution, skin and fish and shrimp waste, the bait, biological bodies, improved substrate to purify water quality;
    4, needed to compete for the harmful algae nutrition and provide nutrition for the single-celled algae breeding, promote beneficial algae breeding, and inhibit the transition breeding of harmful algae, reduce the incidence of opportunity;
    5, increase the dissolved oxygen, maintaining water quality and pure and fresh, improve farmed animals anti-stress ability;
    6, improve the digestive function of the fish and shrimp, improve immune function, enhance disease-resistant ability, promote growth, increase production.

    Product content: 2×1010cfu/g

    Recommended dosage:
    Seedling is used when:Use 1 gram per cubic meter
    Adjust the water environment:Use 0.1-0.2 gram per cubic meter
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