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    Product Name: Wekinn
    Package: 20kg/ bag

    Products Description:

    Supernatural"Wekinn" products, green, safe, environmentally friendly, suitable for water disinfection, control of pathogenic micro-organisms to multiply. Control of communicable diseases; improve redox potential, improve the condition of sediment contamination, reduce nitrite and ammonia.

    [Content] 50%

    [Product Features]
    Can efficiently degrade a lot of organic matter in sediments, reducing oxygen factor, while the bottom anaerobic bacteria inhibit the propagation.
    Coating granulation using advanced processing technology, slow release of the active ingredient, a longer duration of action, less irritating.
    Purification by ion exchange water quality, reduce the content of heavy metal ions in water, ammonia, nitrite, algal toxins, toxic amines and other harmful substances, reduce stress, reduce the incidence.
    This product contains ingredients green oxygen, even in the rainy days can be used safely.

    Because of the breeding process of aging water, dead algae, bait, too much manure produced ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, nitrite, amine and other noxious aquatic animals caused by excessive physical weakness and poor feeding has a positive effect.
    Rapid improvement in pond bottom of the sediment black, stinking and so have quick.
    Degradation of ammonia, nitrite effect is obvious, and difficult to rebound.
    Regular (10-15 days) used once, improved sediment, stabilize pond water environment, the water has a good kill infectious bacteria and inhibition.
    Especially suitable reference circle after herbicide to plants caused by black rot and stink to deal with the phenomenon, as well as the maintenance of the environment parameters bottom circle.

    Cubic meters of water per 0.2-0.3g.
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