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  • New Products
    "Aquaculture good assistant - anytime, anywhere water quality indicators to allow farming diversion evidence-based, rational to follow."

    Product Specifications / Features

    This kind of aquaculture water quality analyzer is easy to carry, has the following advantages and features:
    1) This instrument can monitor eight basic indicators (dissolved oxygen, pH, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite, phosphate, residual chlorine, copper, sulfide)
    2) The full screen editor and Chinese menu display have been used in users interface, simple operation
    3) Light and portable, can be used more than 15 days after charging.
    4) Applicable to all freshwater or Marine field sampling, real-time detection.
    5) USB interface to connect computer is used and simple for data analysis and management.

    Competitive Advantages

    Well and High Quality Control
    Prompt Delivery
    New Product ,
    Competitive Prices ,
    Small Order Acceptable ,
    Easy to use
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