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  • Top-Selling Product

    [ Record No. Name] composite powder oxone

    [ Product name ] An Qing

    [The main components] potassium persulfate , organic acids, surfactants

    [ Content ] 50% of potassium persulfate

    [Character] light red powder , almost odorless or slightly lemon flavor

    1 , super stable : under normal conditions of use, almost regardless of the weather , temperature, organic matter , water and pH .
    2 , safe and efficient : no corrosion , no stimulation, absolutely safe for humans and animals .
    3 , green: easy to break down , no residue, do not pollute the environment and water.

    [Key Features]
    Suitable for use in all aquaculture applications including ponds, tank, hatcheries, farm equipment, machinery and processing plants
      Highly effective to control and eradicate bacteria, fungi, moulds and all viral families affecting Fish, Shrimp, Crab and other Aquatics.
      Use to prevent bacterial gill-rot disease, white spot disease, ascites, enteritis, putrid-skin disease, decayed crusta disease, saprolegniasis etc.
      Effective against biofilms
      Oxygen donation to support Pond Life
      Highly effective in the presence of organic matter
      Complete and effective control through aerial, surface, pond water & watering systems
      Easily soluble in water and white or pink in color.
      Safe and suitable for use with all types of fish and other aquatics


    Treatment Periods:
      powder/pond (gram/m3)
      Disinfection before stocking
      1-2 days prior to stocking
      0.5 g/m3
      Disease prevention in stocked ponds
      1 time per 10 days
      Disease outbreaks
      1 time per 3 days repeated for 3 times
      Water purification
      1 time every 3 days
      0.3-0.5 g/m3
      Safety: No toxicity and side effect
      Package: 500g*400 sacks/case
      Storage: This product should be kept in a dry and cool place.
      Validity duration: Twenty-four months.
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